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We Love Our Puppies, Just as You Do!

We found our love for Pomeranians years ago with our first one. We then started casually breeding our own Pomeranians as we got more and more of them. Our Pomeranians have always been spoiled with love. They are raised in a clean, healthy, and friendly family environment and we want the same for their puppies. We hope that you can provide a good home for one of our puppies.

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At Paradise Furball Kennels, we raise exceptional pomeranian puppies for sale in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, we focus on keeping our dogs healthy and happy when they find their new forever homes.

We support each family who chose one of our babies and let them know they are now a part of our extended family. Please visit our available puppies page to see all our pomeranians for sale near me.

pomeranian for sale

Addie – Female

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Dixie – Female

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Wishbone – Male

pomeranian for adoption

Kit – Female

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Spud – Male

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Biscuit – Female


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Although the Pomeranian (also called Zwergspitz, Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, or, affectionately, Pom) only weighs from three to seven pounds, this lively little dog has a personality the size of Texas! The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family of dogs, including the Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute, and Norwegian Elkhound, among others.

Poms take their name from the province of Pomerania in Germany. They became trendy when Queen Victoria allowed some of her Pomeranians to be shown in a conformation show, the first Pomeranians ever to be shown.

Cute, feisty, and furry, Poms are intelligent and loyal to their families. Don’t let their cuteness fool you, however. These independent, bold dogs have minds of their own. They are alert and curious about the world around them. Unfortunately, in their minds, they are much larger than they really are, which can sometimes lead them to harass and even attack much larger dogs. Luckily, if they are properly socialized with other dogs and animals, they generally get along quite well with them.

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